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 Pre-picked quarts and flats (6 quarts) 
availiable at the farm or at select farmers markets
Farm price: $6 a quart or $35 a flat 
*Price higher at markets*
Upick price: $3.00 a pound
Frozen 3# bag $15

We accept cash or check ONLY!

Conversions 101
  • Quart= 1 1/2 pounds
  • Flat= About 9 pounds or 6 quarts 
  • 1 to 2 quarts needed to make 9" pie
  • 1 quart= about 1/2 to 3/4 mashed berries
  • Surejell needs 5 cups mashed berries to yield 8 cups jam

U-pick Strawberries:

Last day of U-pick will be Friday July 15th. 

Our fields open at 6am-noon. 

ALWAYS call before coming as we might get picked out early and close early 507-645-9749

Pricing this year is $3.00 per pound 



Upick Information:

  • Always call before coming to check availability 507-645-9749 we get extremely busy, especially on the weekends and weather plays a big part too

  • We welcome families to come and pick, however for the safety of the children they MUST be supervised (We recommend one parent for every two children)

  • Help us keep the fields healthy by picking cleanly in our rows! As a fun tip, the smaller/medium-sized berries actually have more flavor than the larger ones

  • It gets hot and buggy! We recommend you bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and bug spray- we do not provide them

  • Due to the width of the rows, we do not allow any strollers or carts into the fields

  • We love our furry friends as much as you, but due to food safety we do not allow any pets into our fields- no expections

"Berry Best" Strawberry Tips
  • We sell prepicked berries in a quart or a flat (6 quarts)

  • The optimal shelf life of a strawberry is about 3 days 

  • Strawberries must be kept in the refrigerator for optimal shelf life 

  • Strawberries will mold or melt if left in a hot car or on a counter-top

  • Rinse berries only before using, doing it too early can lessen the shelf life

  • Keep hulls on until ready to use, they last longer!

  • Spread on cookie sheet and freeze 1 hour then move into freezer bags for individually frozen berries (best for 1 year)

  • To save yourself time, freeze the berries the way you plan to use them (Whole, sliced, jam, mashed, etc...)

  • If you use frozen berries in a recipe that were sweetened with sugar during freezing reduce the sugar amount in recipe by 1/2 cup for every pint(2 quarts)